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All the power of a Joomla website with none of the complexity!


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We'll put you back in control

We have 14 years experience working with the best and most powerful website editing platform. We recognize Joomla can appear overwhelming. While the tools are amazing the vast number of options and tools can clutter and confuse. We changed all that.

Our proprietary admin system was designed just for you. You want a powerful and effective website but the complexity of editing is frustrating. Through our vast experience, we know the tools you need.

Meticulously tested to deliver the best results with the least amount of work, you'll love the clean interface. Easy Edit Admin was designed to perform perfectly for the tasks you'll perform on your website.

You'll still have access to all the power Joomla offers. Additionally, you can simply gain access to the more advanced editing features. We developed a three-tier system to access the advanced features. You can choose the admin level that fits you!

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By Pritchard Websites.


Easy Edit Admin

We believe Joomla is the most powerful website tool available. But all that power can look a little complicated, just like a muscle car engine. So we made it easier. Easy Edit Admin is kind of like putting an automatic racing transmission into that muscle car, just as fast as before, but a lot less to think about.


  1. Add articles
  2. Edit text
  3. Manage photos
  4. Add menu items
  5. Manage backups
  6. Access to advanced features

Take back control of your website with the easiest editing system we have seen! Call today for more info: 951.970.6172.